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Exarta is the place where design, invention and technology meet scalability.


Our history

Exarta is the culmination of a decade of dreaming. Three friends with a shared interest in tech, sci-fi, gaming and community. Our story began back in 2014. We shared a common dream that we still relentlessly pursue: to become the best at delivering world-class visualisation and immersive experiences on robust architecture. Utilising Web 3 and blockchain technology and seamlessly transitioning retailers, organisations and individuals into The Age of The Metaverse.

Our vision

We are an innovative technology and design company constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Exarta is the place where design, invention and technology meet scalability. By leveraging the latest technologies and infrastructure we aim to facilitate organisations and web users alike to enter the Virtual Reality stratosphere.

Word IN

By creating multiple virtual cities on our platform and by providing the world the opportunity to sell, play, learn, meet, earn and immerse themselves within communities across our Metaverse, we’re truly aiming to transform how the world interacts in the digital space.

The future is very exciting, and everybody is welcome on our journey.

The Exarta Layers

The future is very exciting, and everybody is welcome.

We’re building a virtual world which will be inclusive to everybody, from experienced gamers to internet novices. Shopping, Socialising and Gaming will never be the same again.


Exarta is the place where the real and virtual worlds meet, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve built!

Meet the Exarta team

At Exarta we’re one big family. We have a hugely talented team which is growing every week. We didn’t have room to show everybody but here are some Exartans below..

Ammad Khan
Head of Engineering
Arslan Saleem
Senior UI/UX Designer
David Couch
Lisa Potts
Hannah Clayton
Content & Marketing Executive
Lucian Shaw
Lead Unreal Engine Developer
M. Valeed
Marketing Executive
Shoaib Sabir
HR & Recruitment Manager
Zoraiz Butt
Senior Environment Artist 9
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Meet the founders

Bilal Khan
Chief Technology Officer
Qasim Tabrez
Chief Operating Officer
Rashid Ali
Chief Executive Officer
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