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What is the Metaverse?

So, what is the Metaverse in reality? A gaming platform? A virtual retail outlet? A training tool? An advertising channel? A digital classroom? A new gateway to digital experiences? Is it a virtual universe that can satisfy our desire for escapism? Is it the future of the internet built on speculative sci-fi concepts? Or is […]

6 Ways the Exarta Metaverse Will Revamp Retail

It’s the festive season, and with shopping on everybody’s minds, we’re shining a light on the extraordinary impact that the Metaverse will have on retail brands.  Now more than ever, it’s critical for companies to understand the virtual space. You’ve also got to develop your branding accordingly – or run the risk of being left […]

Why Dropping Centralised Systems is Essential to the Metaverse

How do we define ‘Centralised’ and what does it mean for the Metaverse‘? Let’s go.  The term refers to the technologies, designs, and approaches that shift power and control away from centralised authorities to give users ownership over their data and how they create content. The proposed centralised framework is viewed by many as the only way to run Metaverse platforms effectively. […]


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