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Ya’​ Learn Something New Every Day – The Metaverse & Education

Albert Einstein once said that “once you stop learning, you start dying” – and we couldn’t agree more! Education is the key to human and societal growth and a sector where new avenues for improved experiences are always welcome. And while age-old quotes from history’s most famous scientists remain timeless… Traditional teaching and learning methods? Not so much. When […]

Top Metaverse, Exarta, is Coming to Concordium

Friday 7th October, 2022 – Switzerland – Exarta, a U.K based metaverse recently featured in the Business Leader Magazine’s Global Top 32 Metaverse Companies, is coming to Concordium. Using Concordium’s ID layer to build safe and authentic environments while balancing privacy and accountability, Exarta plan to go multi-chain, bridging serious gamers and brands from existing […]

Five Pillar Technologies that are Powering the Metaverse

Ahhh, the Metaverse: a sci-fi-esque concept to those of us who don’t throw the term around in everyday conversation. Yet, it’s actually as real as the internet. Think about it: the internet actually started back in the 1960s as a way for government researchers to share information, but hipsters back then hadn’t the foggiest of its potential. […]

New Horizons in Healthcare – Medicine’s Metaverse

To many, the Metaverse is merely a second-life simulation – where the consumer puts on a heavy headset, designs an avatar that looks like them, buys that avatar a pair of virtual Nike Air Jordan shoes, hangs out with friends, and invests in artificial real estate to pass the time. Shopping, chats, gameplay, which avatar can wear […]


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