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Be honest, do you hug your Kindle to sleep at night?…

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Don’t get us wrong. We love having you here at Exarta Blog – and we know our virtual world inspired content is very informative and – well, down-right awesome.

But we get it – every now and then, you need to give those eyes a break and gather information through another sense, like those two dangly things on either side of your head.

So, in light of our wanting to shake things up for you (aren’t we great?), we’ve rounded up 7 podcasts about the Metaverse that are worth your time. Let’s jump straight in…


This one’s a listen for the future-minded or anyone on the hunt for the next big thing. It’ll help shape your first impressions of Web3.

This listen focuses on the players constructing the Web3 economy in pursuit of an open Metaverse. It includes one-to-one interviews and forward-thinking discussions with the hotshots of the Web3 space, from futurists and innovators to experts and entrepreneurs. 

Topic discussion ranges from the ‘big-picture’ stuff, like the Metaverse’s impact on the climate, to core technologies like blockchain and decentralized finance. The best part? It transitions all that you learn back to direct action in your life. 

Big concept podcasts about the Metaverse that are also relatable as heck. We like it.

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This podcast looks at the subject of the Metaverse from a unique angle as it takes a proactive approach. The main ideas surround the notion that society is becoming more digitally native and that the boundaries of the physical world are dissolving as a result.

Naturally, the growth of digitalization has spurred fear of change in many of us. But we need to understand how the constant evolution of the digital world will impact our society, so we can understand how physical aspects of our lives (such as work, entertainment, and learning) will translate into virtual experiences.

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Hello, Metaverse helps us explore the Metaverse so that we can prepare for the changes (positive changes, we must add) that it’ll bring to all of us. An optimistic Annie Zhang relieves our anxieties and inspires us to accept (and be excited for) the Metaverse’s vast potential. To demystify our fears and learn to enjoy the digital world.


As metaverse podcasts go, this is the place to stay up-to-date on top of the ever-growing pace of the Metaverse’s evolution. Hosted by Luke Franks, Welcome to the Metaverse consists of weekly topical interviews with top industry leaders and the brightest minds in the virtual space.

Enjoy discussions of all things tech: from crypto to NFTs and blockchain – and everything in between. Like ‘Hello Metaverse‘, the podcast’s aim is to familiarize those of us who are new to understanding the concept of Metaverse so that we can feel better equipped to navigate our future in the digital world. It’s like an audio Metaverse map. Be warned, though. Discussions can get deep and technical. But we think you’re up to the challenge.


The Metaverse is already an exciting, immersive platform for social engagement, gaming, and business collaboration. 

But what about the building blocks and technologies pushing this innovative change? Mark Petit and Patrick Cozzi share their insights and ideas with a wide range of reputable guest experts. They discuss the fundamental technologies that combine to build the Metaverse. 

If you’re interested in the Metaverse’s core infrastructure, you’ll be in for a treat with this one. From AR wearables, real-world scans, VR, game engines, and more, there’s no doubt you’ll have Building the Open Metaverse on repeat.


We can feel at home with this podcast and happy with its legitimacy since it originates from the BBC’s Business Daily. Not to mention its feature of reputable Metaverse players, like Manuel Bronstein of Roblox, who shows us what it looks like to live in the Metaverse within the world of Roblox itself. 

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Living in the Metaverse will help you to merge the virtual with the natural world since each episode discusses relevant topics surrounding immersive experiences. 

How can the virtual and real world augment new economic opportunities, you ask? This podcast has got the answers to those hot-on-your-lips questions!

Learn more about the Exarta Metaverse


This listens covers the latest innovations in NFTs, Web3, and the combination of communities and their creators. It’s a solid weekly listen to both those who are new and those who are familiar with the concept of Metaverse. Host Josh Gordon interviews experts, investors, and entrepreneurs to share how people and projects will build our future on the blockchain together. You know the score. It’s all about that collab!


Remember Jon Radoff? He’s the cool guy who coined the concept of a 7-layer Metaverse. So we have every reason to trust what he’s talking about on his podcast.

Radoff’s stance is that the best way to predict the future is to create it. This listen feels like one big community, just like the Metaverse itself. It brings innovators together to discuss actionable concepts and puts a positive, proactive spin on what they believe will be a digital future.


It’s time to come out from under that rock! There’s no doubting it: this brand-new world of digitalization is happening so quickly that we can barely keep up with the daily advancements. A pace so fast it can feel intimidating at times. But these Metaverse podcasts are super easy to listen to. They can keep you up with the newest updates and exciting changes.

Listen and feel present. Any time, anywhere! While you’re cooking dinner or out for a stroll. While you’re on the bus to work or sitting at your desk throughout the day (don’t worry; your secret’s safe with us)!

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Metaverse podcasts (and articles, we must add) instill in us a broader, more profound understanding of this new space. The more we open our eyes and educate ourselves, the less scary the future seems. 

We’re building our future together – and it’s going to be great. We’ve just got to trust the process and stay up-to-date with our ever-changing world as much as possible. Knowledge will give you the power to find the most energizing opportunities in Web 3. Trust us on that one.

Our key takeaway for you is this: remember that when it comes to the Metaverse, we’re all learning, building, and constructing – together.

And one more thing, for the best Metaverse updates and discussions, you’ve got us.

Written by Hannah Clayton, Exarta.

All podcasts are available to listen to on Spotify and Apple Music.