Step into Virtual City

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Step into Exarta Virtual City: An expansive realm for land ownership, brand promotion, and immersive virtual commerce experiences awaits exploration.


Odyssey Integration

Showcase your products and services in stunning 3D with our easy-to-integrate virtual store platform. Odyssey3D allows businesses and individuals to create and customize virtual storefronts within the hub of the city.

Zeniva Integration

Our AI-powered, multi-action, virtual avatar enhances user experience by providing guidance, answering queries, and offering personalized recommendations as users navigate the city.

Dynamic Social Hub

Offer your space as a dynamic social hub that fosters meaningful connections. Footfalls of users can connect, interact, and collaborate in real-time through customizable avatars and immersive chat features.

Immersive Entertainment Districts

Discover a diverse array of immersive entertainment districts featuring games, virtual cinemas, concert halls, art galleries, and interactive experiences within the city.

Virtual Events Hosting

Enable users to create and host virtual events, such as conferences, concerts, and exhibitions, offering opportunities to earn rewards and monetary benefits while fostering community engagement.

Real Estate Opportunities

Purchase, sell, or rent virtual land within the city, and reap the benefits of investment and customization, with potential for future growth and development.