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Have your say.

The governance of Valayt rests on you. Become a member of Valayt City Council and participate in voting and decision-making.

Take action.

Join a force of dedicated individuals working together to maintain a safe and secure environment for all users.

As a member of Valayt’s Virtual Defense Force (VDF), you can choose from various skills-trained roles.

From Air Defense and Police Force to the Military, it’s time to prepare for virtual combat as you become a defender of the Exarta Metaverse.

What’s in it for you?

Become a member of the Valayt Council, the future of the City is in your hands.


  • Monthly salary paid through in-game currency
  • Whitelisting for land and special playable items including weapons, vehicles and rare assets.
  • Whitelisting for Valayti Defence Force which will give special in-game privileges
  • Airdrops for special gameplay items
  • Voting rights on major decisions which will affect all citizens concerning:
  • Deciding on the terms of any trade or peace agreement with the Anunnaki
  • Policy making Valayti city rules and regulations
  • Organising the VDF and what policing rights they should have
  • Controlling which additional buildings, facilities and amenities the City of Valayt should build and where they should be located.
  • Establish which jobs are needed and deciding how much players are paid.
  • Get a job in either of the various City of Valayt amenities or facilities buildings including CARAC, Valayt Parliament, History Museum, Waterpark, Space Museum, Race Track, WaterWorld, Drone Track, Medical Centre, University, Zoo, Fashion City, Gaming Centre, Food Administration.
  • Mining, growing, trading or acquisition of in-game items and resources.
  • Complete special in-game quests and missions.
  • Increasing Avatar zen through activity points, skills training, harmony points, community points, and law abiding points.
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Play to earn

Play to earn

Become a member of the Valayt Council and take part in voting and decision making.

Become a member of the VDF in either: Air Defence, Police Force, Military or River Police or Valayt Jail and take part in skills training as well as any live combat situations.

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