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Our story

EXARTA is the culmination of a decade of dreaming.

Our story began with friendship and shared passions back in 2014, when our founders, Rashid, Qasim and Bilal, started to test their mettle and push the boundaries of what everyone believed possible. Together, they faced countless hurdles, but their unbreakable bond shielded the EXARTA vision.

Fast forward to 2021, the global pandemic closed the doors of physical stores. E-commerce became the only place to shop. Oversaturation spurred consumer frustration. But our founders remained to see opportunity within the chaos.

Amidst it all, our dedicated team embraced the challenge to bring to you the perfect combination of physical and digital with the EXARTA Metaverse.

our mission

Exarta seeks to take advantage of the seismic shift to online shopping. Our aim is to become a global leader within the Web3 space for both retailers and consumers. We’ll do this by offering shoppers next-generation virtual experiences and providing retailers with the platform and products to reach new audiences and create leads and conversions via Web3 and the Metaverse.

our vision

To revolutionise the online experiences, redefine industry standards, change the e-commerce landscape forever, and be the preferred platform to assist global brands with a seamless transition from Web2 to Web3.

What sets us apart

We’re not just tech experts – we’re creators of communities and advocates for social connections. Drawing on our decade-long journey, we’re dedicated to transforming the online experience. Our portfolio tells a story of how we unite people and organisations, fostering unforgettable interactions that leave a lasting impact.

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Rashid Ali

Co-Founder & CEO

Qasim Tabrez

Co-Founder and CRO

Bilal Khan

Co-Found and CTO

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