Virtual Reality and AI solutions that tailored to specific use cases

here’s some of our use CASES

Global Company Events

Minimise travel costs and maximise engagement with a central, immersive environment where global employees can collaborate and share knowledge.

Global Product Launch

Drive experience generated buzz, enhance brand awareness, increase customer engagement, drive sales, and reduce cost-to-sell with next generation product visualisation.

Virtual Concert Events

Replicate the electrifying energy of live music events for audiences who can’t physically attend due to logistical, physical, or geographical constraints to generate additional revenue through ticket sales and boost user loyalty through unforgettable experiences.

Virtual Store Launches

Introduce new store locations to customers in a thriving online community to boost online sales and brand-to-consumer relationships. Freed from the boundaries of space and time, the EXARTA metaverse centralises your strategy in one global hub that can serve millions of customers – all at once.

Remote Training and Simulation

Provide cost-effective and realistic training experiences for employees in high-risk or complex scenarios to reduce training costs, improve safety, and enhance overall employee performance and confidence.

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