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Welcome to the Lansdale’s

Welcome to The Lansdale’s, the alpha version of our marketplace.

Here you can buy land within our first City, Valayt. By purchasing either a commercial or residential plot, you will become a true Valayti and be one of the first to enter our Metaverse.

Limited plots

There are only a very limited number of 3070 plots available within Valayt City, and with our project already attracting Global media attention we recommend purchasing early whilst there is still availability.

Land Ownership

When you purchase land within EXARTA and become the landowner, you gain access to our cities and can start building your identity. You can buy both commercial and residential land and then mint unique buildings to express your individual style and character.

You will be able to develop, re-sell or rent your land enabling you to benefit from market demand.

Gaming Experience

The land you purchase is not only a holding item, the value of your land will also increase as we move further along our roadmap and development timelines.

Once we hit various milestones, the value of your land will become truly realised, you’ll own land within a city that will be home to a Global variety of brands in our MetaVerse, with a highly immersive ground-breaking AI Retail platform integrated within all our cities in a truly gamified experience.

Land Sales For Valayt City
are now live

( Initially we will be only accepting fiat currency payments )

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