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Exarta is the place where design, invention and technology meet scalability.

& retail

EXARTA is building towards an incredibly powerful Ecommerce solution for web 3.
This will be a complete platform for merchants wishing to trade within the virtual space integrated into our Exarta Metaverse. We’ll empower our retail clients to push new boundaries of technology, sell their products in innovative ways, create unbelievable stores in immersive environments, collect data from a multitude of analytics options and increase their customer acquisition and retention in ways which have never been done before.
We’ve invested heavily into Artificial Intelligence and Automation, with a focus on making the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3 as frictionless as possible for our customers.
Our retail solution really is the jewel in our crown, and we cannot wait to share more details on this soon…


Planet Exarta will consist of virtual cities built in various continents and regions. Our first City, Valayt is an adaptation of London in a futuristic timeline built with Exarta’s unique vision, set in a timeline where technology has progressed significantly. Each city will adopt the local native language, architecture, landscape, customs and experiences. Every City will have opportunities for Community ownership and governance as well as learning and human growth, shopping and virtual commerce marketplaces, play to earn, therapy and healing, and real-world utility mechanisms.
Our cities will be accessible for any user across the globe and our proprietary AI system, EXI will function as a language translation tool also providing additional virtual assistance services.

MAAS (METAVERSE as a service)

Exarta Labs; At Exarta we understand the huge potential of Web 3 and the impact this will have on every industry sector. There is however so much “noise” around the Metaverse hype and sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish the gimmick from the genuine. We’re serious about what we do and for this reason we’ve established a Special Projects division, Exarta Labs.


EXARTA is working on it’s state of the art analytics system (DAMAGH) that fully utilises the power of web 3. Today our web only collects data from 2D data points, DAMAGH works to collect data from any pixel or 3D point within the visual space meaning our customers can choose from an incredible range of data at their fingertips.

Our retail clients will also have a complete dashboard which will give them access to control and customise their stores and what information they would like to view.
The Dashboard will present 3D data in unprecedented detail, opening doors to analytics driven business growth like never before.


The Exarta platform is built on the methodology of Security by Design. From the ground up, the entire ecosystem has been designed with security in mind for every user and stakeholder, utilising world-class technology in encryption, data security, server side and access management as well as a host of additional layers and protocols. Our tech team is constantly researching and testing into how we can improve security without restricting usage and productivity, finding the right balance between the two. The Exarta platform will be the next generation of Metaverse platforms deploying the philosophy of providing it’s users the freedom to create and interact in a productive manner coupled with privacy so no data is shared without their consent. We have catered for security from cyber threats but also protection from abusive behaviour and language while using the Exarta platform.


Say hello to EXI, Exarta’s AI engine.

Our vision for AI implementation into the Exarta platform is to enable significant automation and scalability within our Metaverse. This will include a Conversational AI assistant to guide store owners and customers. EXI will automate the 3D design creation process, facilitating frictionless and scalable transition from Web 2.0 to 3. EXI will also bring automation to decision making within it’s core functionality and support merchants through data orchestration that can help them generate insights into best decision making within a real-time environment.

Meet EXI

EXI will power our learning and development programs, adapting to the individual needs of students through a granular assessment of student response to learning material, then customising each course to improve in areas where improvement is needed.

Medical & Therapy

VRET: Accessible via our City Therapy Centres, Our Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy technology is based on evidence-based techniques and has been developed in collaboration with recognized psychologists, therapists and mental health professionals. Our solutions are all tested with clinically proven results.

We firmly believe Virtual reality offers a new dimension in which people with a phobia can get closer to their fear in a safe environment. Experiences can be built which feel very close to the real-world whilst maintaining control of stimuli and the therapy process.

Exarta has also developed VR Technology which has the capability to train medics across the globe. By replicating the human anatomy in incredible detail and simulating a wide variety of operating procedures; doctors, students and paramedics can now learn from the comfort of their own home in simulated operating and emergency scenario environments.

We believe with the combination of our technical expertise, alongside qualified clinicians and therapists we can develop solutions where everyone, regardless of location or circumstance has direct and free access to efficient psychological and physiological care.

Education & Learning

We believe education is the key to human and societal growth. Our Virtual universities and learning centres will deploy the latest in Artificial intelligence based learning technology.

Students can choose from an unlimited learning library, from basic tutorials to degree level courses, Exarta’s AI Learning can adapt to each user’s specific knowledge requirements for a personalised learning experience that situates their learning within a relevant context. and can modify learning depending on the student’s learning needs, strengths and weaknesses.

Social & Community

Become a member of the Valayt Council, the future of the City is in your hands.


  • Monthly salary paid through in-game currency
  • Whitelisting for land and special playable items including weapons, vehicles and rare assets.
  • Whitelisting for Valayti Defence Force which will give special in-game privileges
  • Airdrops for special gameplay items
  • Voting rights on major decisions which will affect all citizens concerning:
    • Deciding on the terms of any trade or peace agreement with the Anunnaki
    • Policy making Valayti city rules and regulations
    • Organising the VDF and what policing rights they should have
    • Controlling which additional buildings, facilities and amenities the City of Valayt should build and where they should be located.
    • Establish which jobs are needed and deciding how much players are paid.
  • Get a job in either of the various City of Valayt amenities or facilities buildings including CARAC, Valayt Parliament, History Museum, Waterpark, Space Museum, Race Track, WaterWorld, Drone Track, Medical Centre, University, Zoo, Fashion City, Gaming Centre, Food Administration.
  • Mining, growing, trading or acquisition of in-game items and resources.
  • Complete special in-game quests and missions.
  • Increasing Avatar zen through activity points, skills training, harmony points, community points, and law abiding points.

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