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EXARTA is the place where design, invention and technology meet scalability.

& retail

Turn site visitors into loyal customers.

With EXARTA, creativity is unbounded.

Whether you choose a gamified virtual store template or start from scratch, EXARTA facilitates limitless customisations so you can bring your vision to life.


Artificial Intelligence

Al holds a crucial role in helping brands connect with their consumers.

It’s the missing hinge that bridges the gap between colossal amounts of customer data being collected and the actionable next steps for marketers to improve their reach, retention, and chance of a conversion. So we thought we’d come to the rescue by developing a multi-action, AI-powered Pro Business Avatar.

Meet Zeniva

Exarta’s virtual Al Assistant that supports global brands with a seamless transition from Web2 to Web3.

With innovative, personalised experiences, Zeniva will turn your website visitors into loyal customers and optimise your site performance from every angle.

With Zeniva, you’ll understand your customers better than they know themselves.

Data Analytics

Making data-backed decisions leads to a strategic approach that yields positive results.

And at EXARTA, we eliminate the guesswork for you when collecting, managing, and distributing ever-growing amounts of data.

  • Real-time monitoring of user performance;
  • Ethnographic research of customers;
  • Log of customer sentiment on site;
  • Log of customer interactions on site;
  • View of customer feedback and reviews; and
  • Complete dashboard to view data, control and customise your site in real time.

MAAS (METAVERSE as a service)

When you choose EXARTA, we’re the Metaverse experts so you don’t have to be. We activate industry-wide brands to make their mark in Web3 and storm ahead of competition with unique, personalised customer experiences that drive engagement and sales. Using VR, AR, and AI technology, we give you the freedom to experiment and elevate your business’ e-commerce and cement relationships with consumers like never before.


Planet EXARTA will consist of virtual cities built in various continents and regions. Our first City, Valayt is an adaptation of London in a futuristic timeline built with Exarta’s unique vision.

Each city will adopt the local native language, architecture, landscape, customs and experiences.

And provide opportunities for community ownership and governance as well as learning and human growth, shopping and virtual commerce marketplaces, play to earn, and real-world utility mechanisms.

Thanks to our masterful multilinguist, Zeniva, EXARTA cities will be accessible for any user across the globe and offer in-real time translations and virtual assistance.

Play to earn

Become a member of the Valayt Council and take part in voting and decision making.

Metaverse Gaming


Become a member of the Valayt Council, the future of the City is in your hands.

Monthly salary paid through in-game currency
Whitelisting for land and special playable items including weapons, vehicles and rare assets.
Whitelisting for Valayti Defence Force which will give special in-game privileges
Airdrops for special gameplay items
Voting rights on major decisions which will affect all citizens concerning:
Deciding on the terms of any trade or peace agreement with the Anunnaki
Policy making Valayti city rules and regulations
Organising the VDF and what policing rights they should have
Controlling which additional buildings, facilities and amenities the City of Valayt should build and where they should be located.
Establish which jobs are needed and deciding how much players are paid.
Get a job in either of the various City of Valayt amenities or facilities buildings including CARAC, Valayt Parliament, History Museum, Waterpark, Space Museum, Race Track, WaterWorld, Drone Track, Medical Centre, University, Zoo, Fashion City, Gaming Centre, Food Administration.
Mining, growing, trading or acquisition of in-game items and resources.
Complete special in-game quests and missions.
Increasing Avatar zen through activity points, skills training, harmony points, community points, and law abiding points.

Build Community and Foster Loyalty with EXARTA’s Virtual Spaces

Building a community around your eCommerce business is essential for attracting and retaining customers in today’s market.

At EXARTA, we understand that creating a sense of belonging is key to fostering brand loyalty. That’s why we provide a suite of tools to help you create virtual spaces where customers can share immersive experiences with each other. With features like real-time chat, user-generated content, and customised avatars, you can create dynamic virtual community spaces that make your customers feel at home.

Our promise.

As EXARTA grows and our technologies progress, we, with open arms, welcome investors, partners, and stakeholders to promote thoughtful leadership in our continuous work in this area, drawing on scientifically rigorous and multidisciplinary approaches. We’re all about transparency at EXARTA. And we’ll continue to share what we learn, as we learn, to improve how we develop our technologies and how our customers implement them into their own strategies.

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