Zeniva AI

AI Virtual Shopping Assistant

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Meet our AI-powered, multi-action, virtual shopping avatar that supports brands with a seamless transition from Web2 to Web3. With interactive online experiences, Zeniva will turn your website visitors into loyal customers.


24/7 Availability

Your customers’ time is invaluable. Zeniva ensures immediate responses to queries, anytime, anywhere.

Scalable Interactions

Zeniva interacts with multiple customers simultaneously while delivering personalized services to each one, every time.

Tailored Product Recommendations

Your customers will experience curated product selections tailored to specific preferences, budgets, and sizes.

Human-like Interactions

Forge genuine brand-to-consumer connections through authentic, human-like conversations and interactions powered by Zeniva.


Zeniva’s speech-to-text capabilities ensure accessibility for all customers, including those with disabilities, enhancing inclusivity and customer satisfaction.

Monitored Analytics

Gain insights into how your customers engage with Zeniva through our advanced dashboard, ensuring you make data-driven decisions.