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Exarta is the place where design, invention and technology meet scalability.


About us

Our story began back in 2014. We shared a common dream that we still relentlessly pursue: to become the best at delivering world-class visualisation and immersive experiences on robust architecture.

About Us

Our vision

Our Vision is to create an eco-system which allows people from all over the World to communicate without language barriers, experience immersive shopping and events from thousands of brands. Exarta is a place with real-world utility where people can further educate or upskill through our A.I Learning, discover VR Therapy and healing as well as create their own content for others to enjoy. We’ll offer Interactive Gaming, Community and Social features in the knowledge everybody is in a safe, secure and trusted environment.


The future is very exciting, and everybody is welcome.

The Exarta layers

Virtual commerce

We’ve invested heavily into Artificial Intelligence and Automation, with a focus on making the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3 as frictionless as possible for our customers.

Our retail solution really is the jewel in our crown, and we cannot wait to share more details on this soon


Exarta Labs;

At Exarta we understand the huge potential of Web 3 and the impact this will have on every industry sector. There is however so much “noise” around the Metaverse hype and sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish the gimmick from the genuine.


Say hello to EXI, Exarta’s AI engine.

EXI will power our learning and development programs, adapting to the individual needs of students


Planet Exarta will consist of virtual cities built in various continents and regions. Our first City, Valayt is an adaptation of London in a futuristic timeline built with Exarta’s unique vision, set in a timeline where technology has progressed significantly.


EXARTA is working on it’s state of the art analytics system (DAMAGH) that fully utilises the power of web 3.

Our retail clients will also have a complete dashboard which will give them access to control and customise their stores and what information they would like to view.


The Exarta platform is built on the methodology of Security by Design.

Our tech team is constantly researching and testing into how we can improve security without restricting usage and productivity, finding the right balance between the two.

Medical & Therapy

We firmly believe Virtual reality offers a new dimension in which people with a phobia can get closer to their fear in a safe environment. Experiences can be built which feel very close to the real-world whilst maintaining control of stimuli and the therapy process.

Education & Learning

We believe education is the key to human and societal growth. Our Virtual universities and learning centres will deploy the latest in Artificial Intellgence based learning technology.

Social & Community

Become a member of the Valayt Council, the future of the City is in your hands.

Mining, growing, trading or acquisition of in-game items and resources.
Complete special in-game quests and missions.
Increasing Avatar zen through activity points, skills training, harmony points, community points, and law abiding points.


Become a member of the Valayt Council and take part in voting and decision making.
Become a member of the VDF in either: Air Defence, Police Force, Military or River Police or Valayt Jail and take part in skills training as well as any live combat situations.

The year is 2647, humanity is at the turn of the third millennium. The City of Valayt is thriving, helped by the advancements in harnessing the power of anti-matter and nuclear fusion technology over the last few centuries. This technological progress has powered elements of quantum mechanics and led to huge improvements in communication, construction […]


The Bazaar

nft and creator hub

nft and creator hub

Welcome to the next generation of social media and creator economy.

Our vision is to make Exarta the world’s leading Metaverse content creation platform.


Will allow you to upload, share or sell digital and media content. This could be anything from gameplay items or digital assets for stores and virtual homes. Beyond this you’ll be able to create your own virtual studio spaces to live stream your video and media content, think Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat all rolled into one but available from a virtual immersive space. Mind blowing!


Exarta is the culmination of a decade of dreaming. Three friends with a shared interest in tech, sci-fi, gaming and community.

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